Monday, March 8, 2010


03/07/10 - Anoop went back to India, was unable to digest,realize. It was really hard to believe, though he was not near it was just a phone call away to have some fight , some arguments and discuss some Kerala politics and PolitRics. It was really hard when he relocated from Jax to VA, he gifted me a watch when he moved, I never could open it, it gives me memories of something I lost. He was a really like an elder brother I wanted, some one I liked to get some advise from. All those days where really nice, the cards play , the friday evenings, we used to sit round a table with a bottle and few glasses. It was all started after he joined us, the group was really gel, every one enjoyed those days for sure, it was unexpected when he said he is moving when
I called him to let him know that I got my VISA extended. Though I was happy that I got my VISA extended, but I really felt a pain ,Anoop or my favourate little friend Abhinav is not going to be there in Jax for long. I know Greeshma also felt very bad when she came to know about this, Mallika was really a good guide for her,for both of us. Few tear drops on my eyes whe I
wrote this, he would have reached India by now, though we will be talking or may be even meeting in the future, but I know the good time of interaction with him is gone.The inevitable changes of life, we never wanted, but we cannot stop.

Everything was unexpected with my days with them, they came into my days unexpectedly, never thought I will have some one in Jax I will write for, when we started interacting I never thought he will relocate, when he relocated never thought he will go away this fast. Being work for a company like TCS, we will never get friends for life together, we will have only good
memories of friends. Like so many friends came in this journey, he may also be another good memory, memories we cherish to remember, people we like to be part of, people we love to interact.